Paint the Town Festival

1 May - 5 May 2019

Workshop with students from Medway College

I was a bit amazed pulling up to Medway College. It’s huge and it has the feel of a real art campus. The kids were buzzing about in matching tracksuits, all looking ready to jump into a dance class or belt out a musical number. It was a real privilege to introduce the group to a totally different way of thinking about work. The workshop was called ‘Autobiography and Performance’, and it traced autobiography back to female jazz singers and through to artists like Spalding Gray and Bobby Baker. We watched clips of lots of different work by different artists and then set about having a think about the work each of them might make if they were going to make autobiographical work. My favourite was a proposal to make a resting room where people who don’t often say they need help, come to sleep and be looked after.